ICAN Finance Methodology

  1. Getting the best deal
  2. Getting the money
  3. Rifle not shotgun approach
  4. Get an early agreement
  5. A quick answer
  6. See it through
  7. No cost / No commitment until in-principle offer
  8. No Win, No Fee

Getting The Best Deal

It goes without saying that this is the main function of a broker. However, the first task is to asses what you, the client, wants and the kind of deal you are expecting. This is our starting point and after getting the basic information, we should be able to give you a good idea of the kind of deal we feel we can achieve.

Get The Money

Measured against our aim to get the best deal is the basic duty to secure the funds in the first place. To this end, we will more often than not, make a fall back plan at the outset. On occasion getting the funds can be more important that saving a fraction of a percent on the interest rate.

Rifle Not Shot Gun

Some brokers spend a lot of time producing a bright, shiny, presentation and then send out twenty or so copies to any lender in the market place. We feel this approach can be a waste of time (not least yours.) and is not effective at getting the best deal. By targeting our efforts at one or two lenders best placed to offer you a deal we feel we can get the best deal in the quickest possible time.

Get An Early Agreement

Before we produce a formal written proposal, we take the time to discuss the case with the lenders first. At this point we should be able to get an 'in-principle offer'. That is an agreement that if all is as we say then that lender commits to do that deal. At this stage it will generally be qualified with any areas that require clarification being identified. However, this gives clear pointers as to what we need to cover in our presentation and we can then tailor our proposal to meet the lenders needs.

A Quick Answer

Given the information we need, this whole process can be done very quickly! When we first discuss the case with you, we will indicate whether or not we think we can help. If we do not think we can help we will tell you straight away. It may not be the answer you want to have but it is better than getting your hopes up and wasting your time. If we can help then we will do our analysis and speak to the most appropriate lender(s) straight away. Having got a lender interested we will formulate our proposal and submit it within 48 hours. Initial feedback is normally available within a few days as well. In most cases we should have an overall answer within two weeks.

Seeing It Through

This is obviously not the end of the process. The in-principle offer may highlight additional information that is required and it will certainly be subject to the valuation. When that is all done and satisfied and you have accepted the formal offer the case goes into legals. Although when everything runs smoothly the legal process can be completed in around two weeks, it normally takes 6-8 weeks and you must allow for this in your plans. The important thing is that we will stay behind you throughout the whole process and progress chase all concerned.

No Cost / No Commitment Until In-Principle Offer

It is worth pointing out that by taking the approach we do you are not asked to part with a penny until you have an in-principle offer. At this point you know you have a deal subject to the valuation. To proceed you have to commit to the valuation fees.

Remember No Win / No Fee

The next section deals with the overall costs involved but it is worth pointing out, again, that ICAN Finance only get paid if we succeed in getting you an offer you accept. Better still, although our fee becomes due on your acceptance, we recognise that in the real world, funds may not be available until you can draw on the facility. The key is we take on your case and are there every step of the way!