Commercial Mortgages

The art of procuring a commercial mortgage may be thought to be very straight forward but it is our experience that most cases have hidden depths. The following sections are designed to guide you through the maze and demonstrate ICAN Finance's approach.

This section contains lots of detailed information. If you would prefer us to talk you through it, go straight to the contact page.

Help Us Help You

The more information you can give us at the outset the better and quicker we can be. This is a list of what is essential and helpful!

Property Details : If you are buying, a copy of the agent's details. If you are refinancing then a copy of the last valuation.

Accounting Information : The last two years audited accounts and recent or up to date management accounts.

ICAN Finance's Fact Find : This gives us all the background to your business in a way that is easy for us to digest. We can send you a fact find or come and see you, or fill it in over the telephone.

Company Background And Literature : If you do not fill in the fact find we will need to find some way of finding out who you are, what your business does and why you want to move or remortgage. Please call or write to us. Some examples of your company's products and literature are always helpful (2 or 3 copies please).